Induction furnace installation
Induction furnace maintenance
Induction furnace repairs


Installation, maintenance,
repairs and upgrades

At Coilco we offer a round-the-clock on-site service. Our engineers will provide an evaluation at any location in Europe. They will then carry out induction furnace installation, maintainance, repair and upgrade of new, or existing equipment.  In the event of a breakdown, we carry with us an extensive range of tools and materials ensuring that any disruption is minimised.

Our extensive in-house facilities enable us to carry out the complete refurbishment of any induction furnace, restoring it to factory condition, including furnace bodies and rewinding coils to original specifications. As your requirements change, we can offer upgrades on any furnace equipment.

Coilco stock a wide range of spares that can be supplied quickly to your own in-house maintenance teams; these include dry resin packs, temperature switches, site glasses, heat exchangers, non-conductive hose and stainless steel clips, sleeving, oil sampling, earth leakage units, insulation material, cast tops and bases, capacitors, transformers, mains frequency switches, spare rails and replacement end boards.

We can also manufacture new coils of any design, shape or size. You can be assured that we only use the highest quality materials required within our industry.