Induction furnace products

Coilco design and manufacture new coils and furnace assemblies. We are confident we can meet any customer specification.

Our products include induction furnace coils, billet heaters, refractory blocks, bus bar systems, flexible power leads, channel furnace inductors, laminations, shunts, cable carriers, changeover switches, hydraulic systems, transformers, shading rings, earth shields and cooling systems. Our services cover the installation, upgrade, replacement, rebuilding or relocation of any type of induction heating equipment.

We are specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of coils for use with induction furnaces, billet heaters and high-frequency heating. Our sister company, Meltech, supply new and reconditioned inverters and furnace bodies.

Coilco are also agents for CEFI, global suppliers of induction heating and forging equipment.